About Us

Women’s Whispers is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping women and children in need. We provide assistance with food and clothing, while also offering emotional support. We believe that through empowering women, we can create a positive ripple effect in our society. Our goal is to give women and children the resources they need to succeed and break the cycle of poverty. We’re committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all of our clients, and helping them achieve their goals. Women’s Whispers is a place where everyone can find hope and a brighter future.

To claim food and clothing you must be:
– A Woman

– A Mother
– A Lone-parent 
– From a black or ethnically diverse community
– A survivor/victim of domestic violence 

Collection is standard

We can offer short-term, discrete deliveries to women who meet our criteria 
We are open to supporting all people in need, but our organisation is set up to cater to a specific remit. This includes the amount of food or clothing we can offer out to the community. If you are looking for support, but do not fit our remit, please get in touch and we will sign post you to other services that can offer more appropriate support. 


To refer yourself or someone else, contact us through the information provided above. Please be aware that we require proof of benefits as a lone-parent before we can consider you as client. 




Travelling By Bus

Leeds City Centre to Women’s Whispers

Catch the number 1 or 1B from Park Row and get off at Beeston Hill United Free Church

Walk up the road to Morrisons and turn right. 

Enter Hillside through Gate 1 walk into reception and ask for Women’s Whispers

Women’s Whispers to Leeds City Centre

Leave Hillside, turn right and walk up to Morrisons. Then turn left and go to the bus stop opposite Beeston Hill United Free Church

Catch the number 1 or 1B back into Leeds City Centre

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