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  1. Haddy Jobe

    Thank you soo much for all the effort and food supplies my family and I are very grateful

  2. Najoud Abdullah

    Hi ererybody my name is Najoud Abdullah and this orgonisation helped me and my kids a lot with food and it has been always in time and they tried to send us the packages straight when they got them, me and my kids really appricate your help.

  3. Keep doing what you are doing sister. It’s has given hope & dignity for women’s who fled domestic abuse and asylum seeker like me.

  4. Gugulethu Ncube

    Contacted Sunjeeda to learn more about her organisation and the help she offers our diverse local Leeds community. She was prompt in her response to my enquiry and this has been reported back by some people I know she has helped. Sunjeeda was invited to the Perinatal Mental Health family funday where she had a stall and showcased some of the wonderful items mothers can access if they’re struggling. The goods on offer were great quality from baby items, food, clothes for mothers, spices, soaps our service users were really impressed and thankful. Sunjeeda also delivers parcels to people straight to their door which is very helpful for people that are unable to travel to collect food parcels or other provisions they may need. The help Sunjeeda offers can be accessed by anyone but most importantly women from diverse communities as they may not always access the support they may require due to various stigmas in their communities.

  5. Joan Parry

    Sunjeeda was very helpful and accomodating to support a family of 3 adults and 4 children, with good quality clothing, food, toiletries, toys and books for free that had been accessing our Welcome Foodbags.
    This is a wonderful service provided for Women from diverse communities that are fleeing domestic violence.
    She made Mum feel comfortable
    The smile on the Mother’s face said it all.

  6. Sunjida is the one who really doing a great work for people who need help and support. I found her throw my friend. I was struggling with domastic violence and going throw a lot.After I found her she helped me a lot with food and clothing. I am really appreciated her to what she is doing 🙏🏻

  7. I am an asylum seeker, with that came the struggle of food and I was accepted and welcomed here. Surayya helped me with clothes and food parcels and a weekly smile and check in from her which lifted my mood. I am very grateful to have met you and you are an angel. Keep helping those in need, may the universe bless you even more so you can carry on being of service. Thank you.

  8. Aqib Yasin

    Know the sister as she’s from my local community. . Never really spoke apart from the odd casual exchanges upon crossing paths. She mentioned the great work she’s doing with women onetime and we hit it off from there. Anytime I’m available to help her in doing such work I offer our full support to aid these vulnerable ladies and their families. Keep up the good work.

    1. Meron Hadish

      Thank you so much for everything for your help sunjeeda you are very kind person helpful thank you. God bless you and your family

  9. Sunjeeda has been very helpful to clients at my organisation. The clients have been provided with clothing and food to help their recovery needs.

  10. Thanks Sanjida and your boys, you angels in human form and to all your colleagues and the donator, I pray God rewards each and everyone of you. Amen!

  11. I was abused by my husband and i have two kidies under five years old. My situation was very hard even i dot have family in uk but i got sunjdeed like family, friend with her kindness. She helps us every two weeks with essential foods, she delivers to my door also
    she gives me encouragement. Some times she makes my day by bringing beautiful flowers. Even my daughter knows her and she will happy to see sunjdeed. I want to say thank you so much sunjdeed for your all effors and your help.

  12. I have no words for what kindness I was seeing in Sunjeeda, never had friends but she deserve this place in my life. My life changed when I was meet her because I start from 0 with my baby girls with nothing,she support me with everything,all the things I was thinking I will not afford ,she make possible to have it. I really appreciate moments when she listen all my problems and give me advice, like an angel appears in my life because never had that before ,somebody who really care you. She keep help us ,and knows what I need even I ask for it. I couldn’t give back this kindness for how much she doing to make us happy,she deserve more! If she can have a salary for what doing today will be billionaire ! Many thanks to woman whispers because You make me believe to not be afraid of new beginning in my life ,single with 3 baby girls! God bless you !

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